Data Engineer

Job reference: 000162

Location: Birmingham

Closing date: 25/01/2021

Job start date: 01/02/2021

Salary: £21,000 - 25,999

Employment type: Fixed Term

We want to make you one of our Specialist Data EngineerConsultants.


The world of Data is growing at an extremely rapid pace and the skills needed to work within this space are growing at a similar rate.

Working within Data roles requires transitional skill sets, such as numerical and analytical skills, but it is now expanding into managing data in a variety of storage systems (e.g. databases, data warehouses, data lakes) using programming skills in languages like SQL and Python. As businesses store and handle more and more data, skills in Big Data technologies like Hadoop and Spark are increasingly relevant.

Strong communication skills are vital in transforming data to be used by different parts of the business effectively. This could mean ensuring that the data is transformed into the correct format for the data analysts or working closely with the data scientists to ensure that their data pipeline can support their algorithms. Don’t worry, you’re not expected to know how to do all of this already, that’s where we come in.

We want to help you grow into someone that can deal with everything from visualization tools to big data handling and everything in between. By training in one of our world-class academies, we will make you a specialist consultant who will then work with our clients to help them realize their business needs.

Essential Skills:

  • Excellent team player
  • A love for technology and its application
  • Prioritization and organizational skills
  • Clear and transparent communication
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
  • Adaptability
  • Presentable, professional and punctual
  • Able to travel throughout the UK

Desirable but absolutely not essential – If you know them, great; If you don’t, we’ll teach you.

  • SQL
  • Scripting skills – Bash / Python / Similar tools
  • Ability to query large data-sets
  • Able to create ETL data pipelines
  • Big Data Platforms
  • Cloud platform technologies
  • We like STEM degrees, but we consider all applicants