Graduate Software Developer
Central London

Job reference: 000161

Location: Central London

Closing date: Not specified

Job start date: Not specified

Salary: £21,000 - 25,999

Employment type: Full Time

We want to train you to become one of our Software Developer Consultants - 2021 Opportunties across the UK. 

What is a Software Developer?

A developer’s environment is one of constant evolution. The advances in technology continue to be staggering and having the skills to navigate the changing tech landscape is essential for your career in development. C# and Java are general-purpose object-oriented programming languages and because of that, they are extremely valuable and can be used in incredible ways.

As a developer, you will work closely with other developers, product managers, designers, business analysts and testers to constantly create, maintain and modify systems to meet the demands of the business and their stakeholders. You can not only design and write well-formed, readable ‘DRY’ code but you’ll be well versed in standard practices such as Test-Driven Development and Behaviour Driven Development, and understand how you can work efficiently within agile continuous development (CI/CD) pipelines for your software delivery process.

It doesn’t stop there. To design excellent systems, you also have to consider performance, scalability, security and make sure you’re testing it every step of the way to lower the risk of problems further down the line.

We want to help you grow into someone that can deal with the working world in a specialism you love. By training in one of our world class academies we will make you a specialist consultant who will then work with our clients to help them realise their business needs.

Essential Skills:

Previous experience of any programming language e.g. C#, Java, Python or similar languages
Excellent team player
A love for technology and its application
Naturally curious about how things work
An affinity for technology with a desire to improve technical skills
Prioritisation and organisational skills
Clear and transparent communication
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Decision Making
Presentable, professional and punctual
Able to travel throughout the UK
You must be passionate about problem solving, collaboration, communication and making a personal impact on businesses.
Analytical mindset

Desirable but absolutely not essential – If you know them, great; If you don’t, we’ll teach you.

Knowledge of Agile SDLC
We like STEM degrees, but we consider all applicants