Graduate Business Analyst
Central London

Job reference: 000167

Location: Central London

Closing date: 25/01/2021

Job start date: 01/02/2021

Salary: £21,000 - 25,999

Employment type: Fixed Term

We want to make you one of our specialist Business Analysis consultants.


What is a Business Analyst? 

The role of a BA is different from one organisation to the next and as such you need to be well prepared for the plethora of duties you will be required to perform. You will become a multi-faceted professional that can be utilised in hyper responsive environments to optimise departments, systems, processes and overall business strategy.    

As a Business Analyst, you will work within teams whether BAU or project based, alongside a broad range of stakeholders, helping to manage change and plan in line with project goals and business objectives. Your work will be based around the pillars of Systems, Process and Strategy Analysis and implementation. Your role will entail data modelling, eliciting/writing and realising specifications, facilitation of all types, creating and promoting product vision, stakeholder management, supporting Agile teams and being a part of or leading manual testing for UAT.  

You will be able to build an understanding of the current situation, identify future needs and create solutions. You are the calm in the storm, someone who seeks clarity and understands the ‘why’ behind the actions. You thrive in ambiguity using your creative mindset to think divergently. You are analytical enough to hear all points of views and decide for yourself what the best course of action is. You should enjoy gathering information and equipping yourself with knowledge. You can identify problems or questions. You not only develop plans, but you implement them, you are a self-starter. You build strong bonds with your co-workers to form a resilient network that trusts you and the work you do. You are self-organised and disciplined, working hard to understand the work environment, the people and systems within it. You will be confident with all levels of the organisation and always act with emotional intelligence. 

Essential Skills:  

  • Excellent team player and collaborator

  • A love for technology and its application  

  • Naturally curious about how things work  

  • Prioritisation and organisational skills  

  • Clear and transparent communication  

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving  

  • Decision Making and Adaptability  

  • Presentable, professional and punctual  

  • Able to travel throughout the UK  

  • You must be passionate about problem solving and making a personal impact on businesses.  

  • Analytical mindset with strong excel skills

Desirable but absolutely not essential – If you know them, great; If you don’t, we’ll teach you.

  • Agile
  • SQL
  • Jira
  • Project management and Software development life cycles
  • We like STEM degrees, but we consider all applicants